About company

Our company was established in January 1992 as a private commercial structure. Starch products were chosen as a priority direction of development at 1997. Thereafter "Starch-Centre" is our trade mark. At this stage "Starch-Centre" was a trade company, but at 2000 we came to a decision to develop our own production. For this purpose we had bought "Plescheevskiy starch plant", Orlovskiy region and "Siriatinskiy starch plant", Niszhegorodskiy region at 2002. Our production is based on the own source of row materials, that included three agriculture complexes (more than 16000 Ga. of black earth area) in Orlovskiy region.

Now "Starch-Centre" is the general name for the group of several legally independent companies with the united structure of management. About 100 of staff in the production sector.

Company has branches in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Our trade partners are well-known companies with the great production possibilities:
"Dneprovskiy starch and molasses plant", Ukraine (starches)
Cargill Starches and Sweeteners Russia OAO GPK "Efremovsky", Russia (starches)
"KMC", Denmark (starches)
"Lyckeby Starch", Sweden (starches)

Our customers are companies in various spheres of activity in all territory of Russian Federation.