Send us your Price-List.

We have not Price-List. We are not a retail trade company. Please call us, tell us a little about yourself and your company. What kind of products is interesting for you? Give us your address and telephone number.


We produce concrete type of product and we want to get your technological support and samples.

In avoiding the mistake, we are ready to give you our recommendation after the consultation between our specialist and your technologist. They’ll organize reception of materials. Please call us and we’ll be glad to answer.


Why there are no financial reporting on your site? What volume of products do you produce and sell? How can I value your reliability?

We are not suggesting our shares on the free market. We are not looking for new investors. For this reason we are not obliged to give our financial reporting. Many of Russian starch producer or starch sellers consider oneself as the biggest on the market and hurry to declare about this. We don’t like such position. The future is uncertain. In the event of real cooperation with us you’ll get a chance to value our possibilities.


What kind of openings do you have? Is it possible to get a job in your company?

Of course, we have available positions like any other increasing company. However, we’ll not take on work the candidate, that is targeted on the work solely in our company. We suggest that you direct your inquiry to the employment agencies.


What is the difference between glucose and dextrose.

They are the same materials. In Russia, glucose is the same name for solution and crystalline condition of this material. In other countries, dextrose is the name for material in crystalline condition and the dextrose solution’s name is glucose. Pay attention to the headline of GOST 975-88.


Do you know, that AB-Market company packs and sells tapioca starch under the type of potato starch?

Yes we do, we know about this and many other facts. We are a well informed organization.


What are your plans for the future?

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.


You may assign your question by fax (+495) 225-42-40, 230-31-60, 230-31-61 or in the process of personal meeting.