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The traditional Greeks quite often resorted to magic spells to draw and continue lovers--as a number of allusions in Greek literature and lately stumbled on "voodoo dolls," magical papyri, gems, and curse capsules attest. Surveying and examining those a variety of texts and artifacts, Christopher Faraone finds that gender is the the most important consider realizing love spells. There are, he argues, specified different types of love magic: the curselike charms used basically through males to torture unwilling ladies with fiery and maddening ardour till they quit sexually; and the binding spells and debilitating potions normally utilized by ladies to sedate offended or philandering husbands and cause them to extra affectionate. Faraone's lucid research of those spells additionally yields a couple of insights in regards to the development of gender in antiquity, for instance, the "femininity" of socially inferior men and the "maleness" of self reliant prostitutes. most importantly, his findings problem the frequent sleek view that every one Greek males thought of ladies to be clearly lascivious. Faraone unearths the life of an alternative male knowing of the feminine as "naturally" average and chaste, who makes use of love magic to pacify and keep watch over the "naturally" offended and passionate male. This attention-grabbing research of magical practices and their implications for perceptions of female and male sexuality bargains an strange examine historical Greek faith and society.

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Smith (1995) 13–20, and Brooten (1996) 109–111. Graf (1995), however, tentatively tries to recapture an “insider’s” (emic) definition in fifth-century Athens (mainly in philosophic circles) and republican Rome. 76. 47–54 and Kotansky (1991a) 108–109. Ancient Greek Love Magic 18 understanding ancient Greek beliefs and the social milieu of their magical rites. 77 Defining the narrower topic of Greek love magic is even more difficult. Again, I start negatively, by excluding any detailed investigation of antaphrodisiacs78 or other spells that are used to bind or impede love,79 as both fall more easily into the category of inhibitory magic.

39–44 (3d cent. ). Soon thereafter, however, we find several examples in PGM VII (3d–4th cent. e. handbook): 300a–310 (agÃgimon), 593–619 (agÃgÁ); 973–980 (agÃgimon). 251 (Kühn). 114. PGM IV 2943 (agÃgÁ agrupnÁtikÁ). 374–376 (“Let Ms. So-and-so . . 376–396 (“Let her, Ms. So-and-so . . , “summoning Eros,” “through night and day,” “set a flame in the heart”). Insomnia or similar restlessness is also a component of Mesopotamian magic. ” See Ortega (1991) 71 for the very similar focus on insomnia in a Spanish love spell.

The single example is AEMT 1; see Smither (1941) for discussion. 142. ” See the preceding note. 143. SM 46–51. 1–5. 144. See Versnel (1991) 99 n. 68 and Kotansky (1995) 266 n. 50 (for the verb parakatatithemai and related terms of deposit in Greek defixiones); Faraone (1991a) 3–6 (for invocation to “the chthonic Hermes”), 7–8 (the use of lead), 9–10 (for the idea of a legal deposit or consignment of the victim to the underworld gods), 21 n. 3 (for the word katadesmos), and 22 Introduction 35 ously foreign elements as well: alongside the usual denizens of the Greek underworld, we find two Semitic deities (Ereschigal and Adonis) and two Egyptian (Thoth and Anubis).

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