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By Andre Martinez

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"This e-book offers lots of the concepts utilized in the microlocal remedy of semiclassical difficulties coming from quantum physics. either the normal C[superscript [infinite]] pseudodifferential calculus and the analytic microlocal research are built, in a context that continues to be deliberately worldwide in order that merely the proper problems of the idea are encountered. The originality lies within the indisputable fact that the most beneficial properties of analytic microlocal research are derived from a unmarried and basic a priori estimate. a number of workouts illustrate the executive result of every one bankruptcy whereas introducing the reader to extra advancements of the idea. purposes to the research of the Schrodinger operator also are mentioned, to extra the certainty of latest notions or basic effects through putting them within the context of quantum mechanics. This e-book is geared toward nonspecialists of the topic, and the single required prerequisite is a simple wisdom of the speculation of distributions.

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Compute Hi,j for the trefoil, see Figure 7, and more generally for the T2,2n+1 torus knots. ´ ´ SZABO ´ PETER OZSVATH AND ZOLTAN 24 r1 r 2 r 3 α2 α1 α3 r 4 β α4 Figure 10. Special Heegaard diagram for knot crossings. At each crossing as pictured on the left, we construct a piece of the Heegaard surface on the right (which is topologically a fourpunctured sphere). , α4 will close up. −1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Figure 11. Definition of b(ci ). 1. The Euler characteristic of knot Floer homology. 3. (−1)j · rk(Hi,j (K)) · T i = ∆K (T ).

There is one additional basic property of Heegaard Floer homology which we will need, and that is the conjugation symmetry. The set of Spinc structures over Y admits an involution, written t → t. It is always true that (6) HF ◦ (Y, t) ∼ = HF ◦ (Y, t) (for any of the variants HF ◦ = HF , HF − , HF ∞ , or HF + ). 3. L-spaces. An L-space is a rational homology three-sphere whose Heegaard Floer homology is as simple as possible. 7. Prove that the following conditions on Y are equivalent: • HF (Y ) is a free Abelian group with rank |H 2 (Y ; Z)| • HF − (Y ) is a free Z[U ]-module with rank |H 2 (Y ; Z)| • HF ∞ (Y ) is a free Z[U, U −1 ] module of rank |H 2 (Y ; Z)|, and the map U : HF + (Y ) −→ HF + (Y ) is surjective.

And (2) U ... −−−−→ HF (Y, t) −−−−→ HF + (Y, t) −−−−→ HF + (Y, t) −−−−→ ... (both of which are natural under chain maps CF − (Y, t) −→ CF − (Y , t )). 2. Background: Z/2Z gradings. Heegaard Floer homology is a relatively Z/2Z-graded group. To describe this, fix arbitrary orientations on Tα and Tβ , and give Symg (Σ) its induced orientation from Σ. At each intersection point x ∈ Tα ∩ Tβ , we can then define a local intersection number ι(x) by the rule that the complex orientation on Tx Symg (Σ) is ι(x) ∈ {±1} times the induced orientation from Tx Tα ⊕ Tx Tβ .

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