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By Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

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Caucus Sal Putrid Daisy Doonesbury Lacey Davenport Dick Davenport Alice P. Schwartzman Elmont Jeremy Cavendish Sid Kibbitz New characters always arrive flush with possibility, especially the younger ones. Teenagers and twentysomethings are in the act of becoming, they’re at their most dynamic, unlike their elders, who’ve pretty much become what they’re going to be. With an established character such as Mike, readers can generally predict how he will react to a new plot development; with Alex, not so much.

It’s a little embarrassing when a writer has to catch up with his own creation, but it’s almost as if Mark understood all this before I did. As a born provocateur, he intuitively knew that it’s not about the stunts you pull—it’s the buttons you push. When he took to the airwaves and declared Watergate conspirator John Mitchell “Guilty! Guilty! ” before he’d even been indicted, the manic grin he wore for the occasion told the tale; he was looking for blowback, just as surely as Rush Limbaugh does when he calls Obama a racist.

Thanks to the Kennedys, the Beatles, the pill, the war, and a myriad of other co-factors, young people hijacked the culture and never gave it back. If youth was once regarded as unserious, no one seems to remember. We are now three generations deep into rock, jeans, and dope; there’s no turning back. Which is just fine with Zonk, who is and always has been fully vested. Ever since he came aboard as Walden’s resident chillhead, Zonker has stood for standing still. He’s lived in the present moment, heedful of John Lennon’s warning that life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

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Amazing Spider-Man 1963 - vol. 1 #1 by Stan Lee, Steve Ditko

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