Algebraic topology: homology and cohomology by Andrew H. Wallace PDF

By Andrew H. Wallace

ISBN-10: 0805394826

ISBN-13: 9780805394825

This self-contained textual content is appropriate for complicated undergraduate and graduate scholars and should be used both after or at the same time with classes usually topology and algebra. It surveys numerous algebraic invariants: the elemental team, singular and Cech homology teams, and a number of cohomology groups.
Proceeding from the view of topology as a kind of geometry, Wallace emphasizes geometrical motivations and interpretations. as soon as past the singular homology teams, despite the fact that, the writer advances an knowing of the subject's algebraic styles, leaving geometry apart in an effort to learn those styles as natural algebra. a number of routines seem through the textual content. as well as constructing scholars' pondering when it comes to algebraic topology, the routines additionally unify the textual content, on the grounds that a lot of them function effects that seem in later expositions. huge appendixes provide important studies of historical past material.

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