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By Yu-lan Fung, Derk Bodde

The vintage chronicle of chinese language philosophical concept from the 3rd millennium to the twentieth century.

From the sage-kings of historical China to the 1911 overthrow of the oldest monarchical approach on the planet, chinese language philosophy has developed and prompted colleges of inspiration world wide. In an obtainable voice, A brief historical past of chinese language Philosophy sincerely illuminates Confucianism, Taoism, Mohism, Yin-Yang, and extra. For these attracted to philosophy or Asian stories, this is often definitely the right window into historical and smooth chinese language ideology.

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Such ' numbers are what Northrop called concepts by postulation. Hence I Greek philosophers likewise took the concept by postulation as their I " starting point. They developcd mathematics and mathematical reasoning. That is why they had epistemological problems and why their I language was so articulate. But merchants are also townsmen. Their activities demand that they live together in towns. I-Ience they have a fonn of social organization not based on the common interest of the family so mlIch as on that of the town.

A great deal of Confucianism is the rational justification or theoretical expression of this social system. TIle family system was the social system of China. Out of the five traditional social relationships, which are those between sovereign and subject, father and son, elder and younger brother, husband ancl wife, and friend and friend, three are family relationships. The remaining two, though not family relationships, can be conceived of in terms of the family. TIlUS the relationship betweeu sovereign and subject can be conceived of in terms of that between father and son, and that between friend and friend in terms of the one between elder and younger brother.

In China there have been uot a few notable inventions or discoverics, but we often find that these were discouragcd rather Lhan cncouraged. With the merchants of a maritime country conditions arc otherwise_ They have greater opportunity to sec different peoplc with different cnstoms and different languages; they are accu~tomed to change and are not afraid of novelty. Nay, in order to have a good sale for their goods, they have to encourage novelty in the manufacture of what they are going to sell.

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