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By Fiona Foden

ISBN-10: 1407146734

ISBN-13: 9781407146737

A humorous, touching tale approximately existence adjustments, friendship and primary love. Josie has lived on her boat, Promise, her complete lifestyles. She unearths it more uncomplicated to stroll on deck than she does to stroll on land. yet Promise has been condemned, and in flip, Josie is condemned to survive dry land. Then she meets Leon, a boy from her neighbourhood...

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22 Lise Eliot, a neuroscientist who reviewed the existing research on biological gender differences in her book Pink Brain, Blue Brain, concludes that we have greatly exaggerated the extent to which boys and girls are different from each other, particularly with respect to empathy and other emotional and social skills. She reveals, in fact, that boys are more emotional at birth than girls, often being more difficult to soothe as young babies. ”23 Furthermore, if boys are are so inherently macho and testosterone driven, I N V E S T I G AT I N G B O Y S , F R I E N D S H I P S , A N D H U M A N N AT U R E 47 why are they able to speak with such eloquence and depth about their closest friendships during early and middle adolescence?

Exploring the reasons for these patterns leads us into the thick of it. Thick culture explanations for the loss of intimate friendships focus on conventions of masculinity and the implicit homophobia and sexism that discourage such friendships among boys and men in the first place. They also draw attention to the ways in which these conventions and the gender straitjackets associated with them have grown more rigid as we become more socially progressive, revealing a powerful backlash to women’s and gay rights.

Boys are portrayed, in essence, as passive recipients in the socialization of manhood, and peers are portrayed as the enforcer of cultural norms and ideals. This portrayal tells part of the story of boyhood but not the whole. 19 By ignoring close friendships, these authors miss a significant part of boys’ experiences and thus fail to see a potential source of support for boys’ social and emotional needs. 46 I N V E S T I G AT I N G B O Y S , F R I E N D S H I P S , A N D H U M A N N AT U R E The argument in the second set of books is very different argument from those in the first one.

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