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By Gerhard Wagner, Gilbert Weiss (Eds.)

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Scholarly correspondence will be as insightful as scholarly paintings itself, because it frequently files the motivating forces of its writers’ highbrow rules whereas illuminating their lives extra in actual fact. The extra advanced the authors’ scholarly works and the extra bothered the eras within which they lived, the extra massive, and most likely attention-grabbing, their correspondence. this can be very true of the letters among Alfred Schutz (18991959) and Eric Voegelin (19011985). the students lived in exceedingly dramatic occasions and produced profound, complicated works that proceed to confound teachers. The verbal exchange among those giants of the social sciences, as they despatched their recommendations to each other, used to be an important to the paintings of either men.



            A Friendship That Lasted a life-time: The Correspondence among Alfred Schutz and Eric Voegelin demonstrates that Schutz and Voegelin shared a awesome friendship: they first met as scholars in Vienna within the Nineteen Twenties and located themselves nice companions in dialogue; years later they have been driven out of Europe via Nazi strain and went to paintings at separate American universities. For 20 years they wrote one another, constructing their respective medical works in that discussion. The letters undergo witness to their friendship in the course of the years they spent in exile within the usa, they usually rfile the men’s tentative makes an attempt at formulating the theories of “lifeworld” and “gnosis” linked to Schutz and Voegelin today.



            the whole selection of 238 letters used to be revealed in German in 2004, yet this edited quantity is the 1st to provide their correspondence in English and gives a range of an important letters—those that contributed to the thinkers’ theoretical discussions and served as history to their most vital concepts. Editors Gerhard Wagner and Gilbert Weiss don't study Schutz’s and Voegelin’s works in gentle of the correspondence—rather, they current the gathering to create a framework for brand spanking new interpretations.



            A Friendship That Lasted a Lifetime takes a special examine significant social scientists. This quantity is a necessary source within the examine of Voegelin’s political philosophy and Alfred Schutz’s contribution to American sociology and marks a huge addition to the literature on those notable males. displaying how scholarly discourse and the discussion of daily life can make clear each other, the e-book ultimately provides this correspondence for an American viewers and isn't to be ignored via students of philosophy and sociology.

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However, under the present circumstances, it seems best to keep the cow that is giving milk, especially in view of the fact that, up to now, the higher heavenly goddess has not shown herself propitious toward me. With the most cordial wishes from both of us to you and your dear wife. Yours, Schütz 1. Schütz, “William James’s Concept of the Stream of Thought Phenomenologically Interpreted,” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 1 (1941): 442–52. Also in CP, 3:1–14. 2. Alfred Schütz and Talcott Parsons, The Theory of Social Action: The Correspondence of Alfred Schütz and Talcott Parsons, ed.

The genuine spiritual struggles of European humanity as such take the form of struggles between the philosophies [ . . ”15 But humanity, as this and other passages demonstrate (see esp. pp. 16 The problem of humanity is thus taken from its Zenoic, Averroist, or Kantian universality, and the “human being” becomes a finite historical phenomenon found in certain periods of human history—in the ancient and in the modern world. ) By thus confining humanity to the community of those who, in Husserl’s sense, can philosophize with one another, the philosophical telos comes close to the particular, intramundane collectivities of the type of the Marxian proletariat, Hitler’s German Volk, or Mussolini’s Italianita.

C). The so “understood from” and articulated teleology makes it possible for the telos itself to be articulated, and thus this [articulation] becomes the task of contemporary philosophizing (Husserl’s task). (d). In this way, the personal philosophical task develops out of the understanding of the telos found in the history of the modern spirit. (e). However, that does not make the task historically relative. ”7 The telos is timeless; it merely unfolds in historical becoming. (f). In this manner, the philosopher’s existence takes on a unique dialectical character that is revealed in Husserl’s following two theses: (aa) “We [are] [ .

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