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David Hatcher Childress's Anti-Gravity and the World Grid (Lost Science (Adventures PDF

This used to be an honest publication. There definitely are power Grids on the earth, yet I query the various author's evaluations on them. One article specifically that I felt used to be lovely solid is, "Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes", even though, I do have a feedback of the author.

Dr. Richard LeFors Clark wrote, "Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes", that is during this ebook. it's a fascinating article, however the key issues he makes, comparable to the truth that the North and South poles of magnetism opposite their polarity within the Bloch Wall (at the precise heart of the magnet) in a damaged determine 8 development, that every magnetic pole has the other vortex spin (North pole spins counterclockwise, South pole spins clockwise), and a number of other of the diagrams he makes use of have been all first stumbled on through Albert Roy Davis, but Clark does not even point out Davis within the article. that specific info, and the diagrams have been taken from, "Magnetism and Its results at the residing System", written by means of Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls, Jr. Clark's article can be pointed out a number of instances in, "The Divine Cosmos", through David Wilcock, yet back, there isn't a note approximately Albert Roy Davis, the scientist who truly made these progressive breakthroughs.

To quote Davis and Rawls of their first booklet, "Gravity is a sort of electromagnetic and actual magnetic effects. " In different phrases gravity is the results of electromagnetic/magnetic power, it isn't a separate shape or strength of strength. figuring out this, we will be able to see that anti-gravity is actually attainable. In describing the guts of the damaged determine 8 within the Bloch Wall, Davis and Rawls wrote, "This is the heart of the a hundred and eighty measure part swap. This line indicated via the letter O additional exhibits that we have got no magnetic traces of strength that hold both the unfavorable or confident pole impression at this place. in its place, now we have a department or 0 element of strength radiation. "

There are a few articles during this ebook that i'm no longer prone to take at face price, yet others are worthy considering. The books by way of Davis and Rawls even though, are crucial examining when you wish to have a correct knowing of the rules of magnetism/gravity. And their discoveries on how North pole magnetic fields impact animals/humans are much more fascinating.

Daimonic Reality: A Field Guide to the Otherworld by Patrick Harpur PDF

Lake monsters, yetis, UFOs, crop circles, parent angels and visions of the Virgin Mary can all be defined as apparitions, and Patrick Harpur weaves jointly an account of them during this e-book. He argues that purely within the final 3 centuries or so - and in basic terms in Western tradition - have such sightings turn into discredited.

Download PDF by Scott Cunningham: Spell Crafts: Creating Magical Objects (Llewellyn's

Spell Crafts look at your arms. See them as wondrous autos of energy. suppose the power that flows via every little thing you do. faucet into that energy! Carve a logo, dip a candle, combine aromatic herbs, sculpt clay, and make your existence all that you really want it to be. whilst crafts are used to create gadgets meant for ritual or to represent the divine, the relationship among the craftsperson and divinity grows extra severe.

Jim Wilhelmsen's Beyond Science Fiction! PDF

Jim has had a lifelong curiosity in UFOs because he used to be a baby within the past due 50's. This ended in his present place as a spiritual examine expert for the Mutual flying saucers community due to the fact 1996. he's additionally a member of the alumni at crucial Bible collage and used to be ordained by means of the self reliant Assemblies of God in 1980.

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This is true because the actual techniques of self-change that you will be working with are not dependant upon the Elements themselves. In the Step Two work of self-change, the changing of your traits will balance y our El emental co mposition reg ardless of whether or not you have assigned your items correctly. The main use of the Elemental division is that it gives you an idea of the quality of your overall Elemental balance or imbalance. This is when an accurate designation by Element becomes truly important, but at this stage it is of minor importance.

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